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Our Work to Further God's Kingdom

At Gutherie Presbyterian, our work revolves around expanding God’s Kingdom through prayer, worship, and selfless service. We strive to inspire faith, instill hope, and ignite transformative love in our congregation and beyond, embodying Christian teachings in our daily lives and community outreach efforts.

Our Pastor

The day I am writing this, we are approaching Palm Sunday. A Sunday to welcome our King, Jesus the Messiah, in our midst. This is what we aim to do at our church, welcoming our King. We do so humbly, realizing that the past has shown to us that we as human beings, can easily change our minds and by this change our attitudes towards Him. So, we are always called to serve and follow Him, our Servant King.

Please know that you are always welcome in our church; whoever you are, whatever past you have or from whatever background you come from. We welcome you in the name of Jesus and hope to share the wonders of His wisdom and love with you.

Jesus is the right person to follow. Please join us in doing so. The Canadian society, like any Western society, is built on the centuries of the past. This means that we are part of and a continuation of a society that expanded at the cost of others. We acknowledge this and humbly hope to transform into a community of love, servitude, and acceptance. We are called to unite with our fellow man and obey God’s principles.

I am a minister in the Presbyterian Church in Canada and work in Point Edward too. I studied theology in Amsterdam, Jerusalem, and Toronto. Studying and living in Israel brought me an understanding of the Hebrew background of our Lord and I like to share this in my sermons and ministry. Please be welcome and I would also love to listen to your stories. I am in Alvinston on Wednesdays and Sundays.

Please, give me a call or text me, or you can send me an email.

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Unite with our church, as we endeavor to inspire faith, hope, and love in our community and beyond – your journey towards changing the world can start with just one visit.